Saturday, September 20, 2014

Knock Knock. Who is it? Landshark.


Clint Maclean, a freelance 3D artist, is bringing his awesome creation Sharkipede to life through his Kickstarter Campaign. As a fan of monster movies, Clint took inspiration from movies such as Sharknado, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Deep Blue Sea, Croczilla, and Pacific Rim to create Sharktipede and other unique original monstrosities on his drawing board.

Clint has done work for other miniature games such as Hero Clix, The King's Armory, Warriors of Darkmyre, and Shadows of Brimstone, but now he is bringing his own designs and visions to the community starting with his Sharktipede Kickstarter, which is already fully funded with 19 days to go. At the request of backers, Clint has already added a second miniature to the campaign, Monktopus (appears to be an ape-octopus hybrid), and is teasing the idea of a third.

I am very excited about this Kickstarter and have already pledged at the "Creative Collector" level, for which I will receive both Sharktipede and Monktopus. If you are looking for some unique and original creations to add to your miniatures collection, I highly recommend checking out Clint's Sharktipede Kickstarter.

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