Space Marines

Striding Forth into the Fray!

One of the large projects currently on my miniature drawing board is creating a Warhammer 40K Space Marine army in which every miniature is in a walking pose instead of the standard legs-apart action pose. I’ve always liked the look of the GW miniatures that appear to be walking forward into battle like the Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warriors. I find this look particularly appealing as it is applied to Space Marines miniatures such as The Emperor’s Champion, High Marshal Helbrecht, and many of the Legion of the Damned models. I’m not sure how many miniatures I’ll end up with in this army, so I’m just going to have some fun with it and see what I can come up with. I do plan on creating at least one of each type of Space Marine unit. I’m going to use this project as an opportunity to incorporate all of my favorite Space Marine bits, both GW and non-GW into one army.


I’ll be putting together an “Apocalypse” style army made of of Space Marines from different chapters…

The first is called Lion Warriors, a Space Marine chapter with almost no background information on them. The primary reason I picked this chapter is because I’ve always wanted to create a Space Marine Chapter with a lion theme, and I've alway wanted to create a chapter with gold armor. Having a Lion Warriors army will allow me to kill both of those birds with one stone.

The second chapter will be a just a limited selection of Space Wolves. I really don't want to build an entire Space Wolves army, but I think Viking-themed Space Marines riding giant cyborg wolves are just too cool too pass up, so I will at least have a unit of Thunderwolf Calvary. I may throw in a scout squad as well, be I'm not quite sure yet.

The third chapter will be one of my creation that it is yet to be named, but I know it will be dragon-themed and their primary color will be a deep read, sort of like the Blood Ravens.

Other chapters, both codex and self-created, may find their way into this project, but for now, that's all I have on this particular drawing board.

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