Iron Fists

Although the Iron Fists are an official Games Workshop codex Space Marine Chapter, there isn’t very much fluff on them, so that left me a lot of room to customize these squads however I liked. There does seem to be some conflict concerning their origins. Some material I've read states they are successors of the Imperial Fists while other sources claim they are successors of the Iron Hands. While I wasn't overly concerned with researching or creating an entire background for them, for the purposes of this project I considered them a successor chapter of the Iron Hands, mostly because of my desire to make these miniatures heavy on the use of bionics.

Metal Nostalgia

I began this project just as Games Workshop was starting to convert their line of metal miniatures into resin. Creating an all metal (or mostly metal) Space Marine Army had been on my drawing board for some time, so I moved quickly to gather all the metal parts I needed to at least assemble a couple of squads. All of the bodies for the miniatures are the old (now out of production) metal casts. Most of the bits added on are metal as well. I managed to get the Imperial/Crimson Fists conversion kits just before they switched over to Finecast resin. Additionally, the bases are metal as well. The “Rocky Wasteland” theme was created using slate rock, sand, and green stuff. 

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