Friday, September 26, 2014

Review: Kabuki Models Steamborg

Although Kabuki's Steamborg miniature has been out for quite a while now, I haven't seen any thorough reviews on it, so I figured I'd throw a few pictures and comments out there for anyone else that may be interested in purchasing this model. This is the first miniature I've ever purchased from Kabuki Models, but I am thoroughly pleased with it overall, so I assure you it won't be the last. This particular miniature is part of Kabuki's "21st Century Pin-Ups" line.

Although adequate, the simplistic blister packaging was nothing fancy. However, all the parts were present and undamaged when the miniature arrived.

Above you can see all the included parts that came with the kit. This picture and the other pictures below, with the exception of the scale comparison, show the parts just as they came out of the packaging before any excess resin, flash, or mold lines were removed.

As you can see, the detail in this miniatures is incredible. There was very little flash left on any of the parts and mold lines were almost nonexistent. Although the urethane resin this model is made of doesn't seem to be too brittle, I did feel like I had to be very careful when removing the excess resin from the feet. However, it turned out to be fairly easy to cut off without damaging the model.

I'm not sure what scale Kabuki Models considers this particular miniature, but as you can see in the picture above, she towers over the standard 28mm scale Space Marine. Granted, she is in a very upright posture and on her tippy toes while the Space Marine is in a lowered firing position, but she is obviously much taller.


There's always plenty of options for fielding a sexy cyborg chick on the gaming table. I think I'm going to use her as a psyker in my Mechanicus-themed Inquisition army. I think she'll pair up nicely with the miniature I'm using to represent my other psyker, Forge World's Renegade Rogue Psyker, especially since they're in a similar pose.

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